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These are the presets I use to edit every one of my images...and yes, they work with more than cars! They have been tested over the years with Sony, Canon, Nikon, & Panasonic cameras and will work with Full Frame and smaller sensor cameras and will work on various subjects from landscapes, products, people, and cars. 


Included in this pack are 12 presets, FAQ with installation instructions and tips and tricks, and 2 mask presets guaranteed to save you time with your edits! 


Extended Collection Additions
In addition to 2 extra photo presets, you also get 2 Mask Presets which work by creating AI masks identifying your subject, background, sky, and people and automatically creating additional edits on each identified area. 

Portrait Mask Preset works by creating 9 AI masks and automatically enhancing features subjects and backgrounds in addition to individual enhancements in features such as skin, hair, and lips. 1 click creates 9 additional enhancements without you having to do anything! 

Subject Mask Preset works by creating 4 AI masks to identify your subject, background, sky, and an additional mask aimed at highlighting your subject. 

Phoenix EXTENDED Preset Collection

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